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AMZ has energy, agriculture, and communications capabilities
AMZ has rail, mass transit, medical, and manufacturing capabilities
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Ordering Requirements

AMZ’s new Order Requirements Guidelines (seen below) are designed to help our business partners know what information we need in order to complete their jobs correctly and in a timely manner. Please use these guidelines when requesting a quote and/or sending a job for us for processing. If you have any questions about any of the guidelines, please contact one of our Customer Service representatives.

  • Company information
    • Name, address, phone number, and fax number
  • Company contact for the purchase order
    • Name and email address
  • Quote number if applicable
  • Purchase number
  • Part number
  • Part description
  • Part drawing
  • Material description
    • Type and applicable hardness of base material
  • Title number and revision of required specifications
  • Tolerance with print
  • Masking requirements with copy of print
  • Processes
  • Thickness requirements
  • Permissible pretreatments
    • If other than specified – strikes, underplates, cleanings, etc.
  • Stress relief treatment
    • If other than specified – strikes, underplates, cleanings, etc.
  • Hydrogen embrittlement relief
    • If other than specified – strikes, underplates, cleanings, etc.
  • Significant surface and coverage if required
  • Sample size
  • Supplementary requirements
  • Points of measurement if required
  • Lot acceptance testing
    • Other than specified – such as hydrogen embrittlement testing, corrosion resistance, solderability, porosity
  • Special packing requirements if applicable
  • Shipping address
  • If product is to be shipped via UPS, FedEx, etc. please provide your account number

AMZ - Nadcap Certification - AC7004 AC7108

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